Alexander Technique - peak performance and workplace wellbeing

ALEXANDER Technique (AT) is a set of skills that helps us recognise tension in our bodies and shows us how to inject a refreshing new vibrancy.
Bad posture habits we're not even aware of can affect every part of our lives. For example, something as simple as the way you stand or walk has a dramatic impact on how you project your voice and your personality.

Even the most confident of us can freeze and get flustered in front of a large peer group or senior staff members.
When you have worked hard on what you want to say, Work+Smile can help with the confidence to deliver speeches, presentations and to conduct everyday interactions with confident professionalism.


PRESSURE to deliver and to meet deadlines add to the physical and mental stress you feel at work. Headache, muscle pain and joint soreness are common. So is burnout when dedicated professionals pressure themselves to perform beyond their limits. The EU's work health authority warns stress is the second most common work-related health problem in Europe.

Work+Smile's AT training can help people with:

  • Speaking clearly without strain and anxiety
  • Interacting well with others
  • Thinking calmly and clearly
  • Leadership posture
  • Injury prevention - sitting, standing, bending
  • Workplace comfort and wellbeing

LEARNING Alexander Technique involves changing long-standing habits and relies on your active participation.

For individuals and corporations Work+Smile will:

  • Individually assess the needs of the client in the workplace
  • Support staff to identify habits that create physical and mental tension
  • Explain the principles of Alexander Technique for changing how we do things
  • Apply the learnt skills to work situations and everyday activities

Work+Smile recommends a set number of regular individual sessions to meet the client's needs.

Group sessions can also easily be integrated into an on-going health program meeting corporate needs and goals.

Alexander Technique workshops and corporate sessions can be arranged in your workplace or at the Work+Smile office.


SCIENTIFIC studies in peer-reviewed journals show the effectiveness of Alexander Technique for pain relief and injury prevention.

When improving bodily movement and coordination, Alexander Technique also has an impact on improving mental self-help processes.

Read more (link to external page) about the science and clinical trials.

Heidi Winderl-Schanz is a fully qualified AT trainer and member of the Australian Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique (AUSTAT) and Alexander-Technik-Verband Deutschland (ATVD).




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