Zurich Resource Model - reach your goals at work and home

SOMETIMES there are moments in life when coping on our own is difficult. You feel stuck, keep struggling with bad habits and can't focus on anything else. And you just don’t know how to change your situation.

Based on recent neurobiological findings about human learning, Zurich Resource Model (ZRM®) training teaches you skills and gets you involved so you make sure your intentions turn into actions.













Climb out from under the Problem

YOU know things have to change, you can see the train wreck approaching. This is when expert coaching and professional advice can make all the difference. It will help you find your way back to your peak performance level, so you feel confident and good at your job.


In the training, you'll be guided on a path enabling you to identify your resources, clarify your goals and work out strategies to reach those goals with a high level of inner motivation and performance over the long term.


Who it can help

  • Heavy workload and stressful situations
  • Loss of motivation and drive
  • Anxiety around assignments or mental blocks
  • Injury and illness prevention at work and in daily life
  • Setting goals for teams and individuals
  • Developing successful strategies for self-management
  • Developing your potential


Teams and individuals

SESSIONS can focus on:

  • Managers: Leadership role and goal setting
  • Teams: A group topic that is affecting the team's work and efficiency
  • Workplaces: Using your inner resources to deal with uncertainty in chaotic situations
  • Performance: Specific problems that will improve individuals´ work performance
  • Life-Balance: Personal challenges causing stress and affecting work and life-balance


How it works

ZRM TRAINING can involve individual coaching sessions and seminar workshops. Group seminars usually involve about 10 to 12 people. Depending on the focus of the seminar, they can last two to three days and can be held at your workplace, in a location outside or at the Work+Smile office.

Work+Smile is also certified to supply the
ZRM® Fundamentals Course for people who wish to train
as ZRM trainers in the future.


ZRM - step by step




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