How Work+Smile has helped others

CLIENTS from many professional and personal backgrounds have learned to better manage their priorities,
re-energise, work with enthusiasm and feel the physical and psychological benefits of working with
Alexander Technique and Zurich Resource Model (ZRM®).
Just as importantly, they all enjoyed the learning experience, and felt their new skills could easily be applied
across a range of situations - from writing a report to spending time with family, even hiking in the mountains.


"Enhanced performance and more joy
at work and in life."

- Patrick, 51, senior manager

Life too much like hard work

PATRICK* worked as a senior manager in a medium-sized firm. He had always worked hard, until illness forced him to take a break. When he returned to work he wanted more freedom to set priorities, to get motivated and re-energised, and feel happier at work and home. With Zurich Resource Model (ZRM®) coaching, Patrick came up with a strategy to stop switching off during challenging situations. Instead of putting things off, he learned how to tackle difficult tasks with new enthusiasm, and was proud of his success. He found his new skills could be transferred to all sorts of projects and situations.

*All names have been changed to protect the privacy of clients, and images are representative stock photos.


"I notice that I do not feel worn out
any more after an event."

- Sandra, 39, director consultancy firm

Enhanced presentation, movement skills

SANDRA, 39, was the director of a consultancy firm, who coached clients in communications techniques and speaking with influence. But her own presentations often felt laboured and her posture was awkward. She felt she was straining when she spoke, and wanted more authentic engagement with audiences.
With Alexander Technique, Sandra's voice gained depth and expression. She discovered a lighter, more fluid and efficient way of moving that gave her presentation skills effortless grace and compelled attention from the audience.


"Recognising the choices I have at
work - that's what I needed to learn."

- Melinda, 53, architect

Tight, tired, tied to a treadmill

MELINDA, 53, a successful architect in a small firm, once enjoyed sport but could no longer find the time. She found long hours at the desk were leaving her with shoulder problems. Melinda also felt she was on a treadmill - not enough breaks and too much stress.
Through individual coaching, she learned to allow herself a pause and to become aware of new options of thinking and moving.
She learnt to let go of the tension in her shoulders and improve her balance and poise.
An ergonomic checkup of her work station also led to new comfort and ease in the way she worked.


"I've noticed a change in my habits.
I feel less tense during my work day."

- Felix, 49, Director of Engineering

Uptight boss takes a deep breath

FELIX, 49, was Director of Engineering in a large company. While he was a solid, experienced executive with a broad range of skills, he wanted to improve his ability to present himself, and to work on his personal presence to become more persuasive as a leader.
Regular weekly coaching sessions dealt with questions regarding his leadership style and his attitude towards staff members as well as other aspects of communication.
He learned alternative ways of moving and thinking, and to become aware of his habitual way of using his body in certain work-related situations. At the end of the coaching sessions he appeared more relaxed and was more acutely aware of alternative ways of behaving.




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