Work+Smile with Heidi Winderl-Schanz

WORK+SMILE uses a range of proven coaching strategies to bring out the best in professionals.

With so many pressures facing staff and businesses, it makes sense to show people how to take control and engage
in their work with confidence, excellence, enjoyment and commitment to themselves and their teams.



“What makes the desert beautiful, is that somewhere it hides a well...” Le Petit Prince


GUIDING professionals and inspiring them to perform at their best, even in difficult conditions, is executive coach Heidi Winderl-Schanz’s passion.


With Work+Smile, Heidi uses two complementary learning strategies: Zurich Resource Model (ZRM®), which focuses on behavioural change, and Alexander Technique (AT), which focuses on physical wellbeing, to:


  • Show people how their damaging physical and mental behaviour patterns at work have developed.
  • Reshape and realign their physical and mental processes to deliver better results with more enjoyment, less stress.
  • Achieve a healthier, happier and more effective workforce.



Professional solutions for self-management

PROFESSIONALS have a lot on their plate, and the pressure often flows on to affect their health, their work and even their family life. Stress is the second biggest cause of workplace injury across Europe, taking a personal toll and costing employers billions.


Work+Smile trains people to take control of their own work patterns and behaviour. Through self-management, staff and managers learn effective techniques for goal setting and motivation, sidelining stress and increasing enjoyment in their work and their everyday lives.


In Germany and Australia Heidi has worked with large and medium sized corporations and individuals across a range of sectors including


  • Manufacturing and engineering
  • Architecture
  • Universities
  • Private consultancies

Client case studies     



Professional excellence and diversity

Heidi Winderl-Schanz


  • Managing Director Work+Smile.
  • Managing Director winderl-schanz Executive Coaching, Personal Change and Development Training,
    Stuttgart, Germany and Melbourne, Australia.
  • Senior Consultant Organisational Development and Product Manager in HR, Robert Bosch GmbH.
  • Senior Consultant and Project Manager, Fraunhofer Institute (IAO), Stuttgart.
  • Project Manager, Project Development with construction company Suter und Suter, Basel and Stuttgart.
  • Master of Business Administration, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Diplomingenieur, Karlsruhe University.
  • Psychology and Intercultural Communication, International Campus, Sophia University, Tokyo.





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